Quizbusters #1: Back to the Future


20-07-2021 • 7 mins

Quizbusters #1: Back to the Future

Welcome to the first episode of Quizbusters, a new occasional podcast series from Quizbeard.  Those of you who listen to the weekly quiz will know that I regularly put out a call for subjects for quiz rounds and, so far, the response to this has been nothing short of amazing.

The problem is – many of the suggested rounds are about very specific or niche subjects, which makes them difficult to use in a general knowledge quiz.  For example, it would be okay to have a round on TV shows of the 2010s as there’s a broad range of trivia underneath that banner, but it’s a bit unfair to have an entire round based on a single TV programme, like I did early on with Game of Thrones; not everyone has seen it and so they’re at an immediate disadvantage in terms of scoring.

That’s where Quizbusters comes in – like I say, it’s going to be an occasional release; maybe once a week, maybe twice or not at all – whenever I get the time really!  But, it will be unashamedly specific in its subject matter and, more than likely, focussed on media topics: individual movies, TV programmes, books, comics, and the like, but I might delve into some other categories from time-to-time: different, perhaps underrepresented sports and pastimes or academic subjects.  If it’s a topic you’re familiar with, you can expect a short, sharp quiz of 10 questions focussed solely on that subject to test your knowledge – if you know nothing about it, feel free to skip that episode and dive into another – or get in touch via the website to suggest your own: there’s virtually nothing too outlandish or niche to be covered.

That being said – if I’m planning to release a Quizbusters, I’ll try to give you fair warning on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter at least a few days in advance so you can cram for the test.  Today’s Quizbusters is on the topic of the 1985 film Back to The Future.  If you’ve never seen it, stream it now or grab a DVD from a charity shop because – let’s face it – without that you’re not going to have much of a chance.

Everything is explained at the website, which can be found at Quizbeard.com, including an archive of all previous quizzes, links to social media and contact information.

If you’d like to nominate a subject to be covered in the quiz, please get in touch and I’ll give you a mention.  If you’d like to leave a review at Apple Podcasts, that would really help more people to discover and play the quiz, and you can support the podcast further by going to quizbeard.com/support.

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