Quizbeard #59


16-07-2021 • 14 mins

Sport, Films set in France, World airports, Literary sequels and General knowledge.  These are the five topics in today’s episode, so get ready for Quizbeard number 59.


Welcome to Quizbeard – I’m going to ask 25 trivia questions, themed over five subject rounds.  You can earn a point for every question you answer correctly and can also play a Black Spot card on any one round, doubling your score on correct answers there.  If you’re going to play your Black Spot, please try to do so before the first question in your chosen round has been asked, so all you have is the round title as a clue.

Everything is explained at the website, which can be found at Quizbeard.com, including an archive of all previous quizzes, links to social media, contact information and the quiz kit, where you can print out blank answer sheets and black spot cards for your own use.

If you’d like to nominate a subject to be covered in the quiz, please get in touch and I’ll give you a mention.  If you’d like to leave a review at Apple Podcasts, that would really help more people to discover and play the quiz, and you can support the podcast further by going to quizbeard.com/support.

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