Episode 6: The transformative power of Kraken

Inside Octopus Energy

08-06-2021 • 26 mins

In Episode 2, we already spoke about our technology platform Kraken - the giant robot that sits at the heart of Octopus Energy and the enabler of our rapid growth, innovative products, and outstanding customer service. In this episode of Inside Octopus, we talk about the transformative power that Kraken can unleash in other energy companies, one of which is European energy giant E.ON, which began licensing Kraken for its UK business in March 2020 and since then has migrated more than 2.2m customers onto the new digital platform. Host Russell Goldsmith is joined by Dr. Karsten Wildberger, Chief Operating Officer at E.ON, and Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson to talk about the changes Kraken has brought about for E.ON UK.