To Sequel, Or Not To Sequel

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28-03-2024 • 1 hr 1 min

Welcome to Episode 181!  The Boys have been noticing a trend in film and television and they had some thoughts so they wanted to share them with you.  The season of sequels is upon us with one already released this season and many, many more coming.

Casey & Mark are discussing the trend of sequels & reboots currently trending in Hollywood.  Is it nostalgia? Is it greed? Is it lack of fresh ideas?  Who can tell?  Your Gay BFFs!  With at least 20 of them hitting the silver screen this year, it's clear somethings afoot with this content.  It's not new -- no, there have been many a sequel made-- to varying degrees of success.  And because it's Painted Trash, adding to the discussion are some highlights of some of the worst sequels and reboots. The Boys are also sharing some ideas for the Hollywood listeners/ readers/ viewers/ writers/ callers to consider about potential future sequels and reboots!

Kicking things off this week Casey has the info on his game filled weekend and Mark had tame week in ('cause sometimes you just gotta).  In Trash Talk, The Boys are discussing the headlines including a person chasing a look emulating Icon Realness and a petty gay who was so petty he found himself paying a steep price.  Of course, we have recommendations (or wreck-o-mendations)!

This one is jam packed with lots of thoughts (and thots)!  So fill a glass of your favorite port vintage, grab your colors, and pull up a seat to the table with your gay BFFs. It's Time To Paint!

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