#3 Maternity and Adoption Leave Coaching

Executive Coaching Uncovered

17-11-2022 • 31 mins

Welcome to the third episode of Executive Coaching Uncovered on 'Maternity and Adoption Leave Coaching'. This episode is hosted by Sarah Burgess, who is joined by 10Eighty Coaches Clare Endicott and Lucy Dennis.

In this episode, we will look at how maternity or adoption leave coaching supports the EDI agenda in organisations, how maternity and adoption coaching benefits HR directors and coachees, the effect of mum guilt, and much more.

Sarah Burgess - Career Coach & LinkedIn Specialist
Sarah is an experienced career coach and works with clients from a wide ranging background.  She is 10Eighty’s LinkedIn expert and spends time with clients helping them to gain the right attention to their profiles.  Sarah also works with organisations on staff engagement surveys.

Lucy Dennis - Executive Coach
Lucy believes you know what to do, and that you can do it. She will ask you questions, listen to you and hear you, she will support you and critically, challenge you. Lucy offers you a safe space to clear the mental load and the internal voices that get in the way of you being able to do what everyone knows you can do, but that you doubt from time to time. Lucy understands what it feels like to be new to a role, with huge expectations of yourself, whilst also balancing multiple demands at home and at work. Working with her will allow you to get out of the day-to-day drama and self-doubt and focus on doing what you want and need to do.

Clare Endicott - Career Coach
Clare is an experienced career transition consultant, who draws on recruitment and talent management experience gained as an HR professional in the City. She combines this depth of understanding with a practical focus on helping clients to deliver their best.

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