How to leverage your existing skills to change industries. A conversation with Stephen Coulter.

Every Step

03-07-2023 • 42 mins

Listen to our first recorded episode where we convinced Krystyna’s husband, Stephen Coulter, to be our very first guest. Stephen is a successful corporate executive and serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in banking, payments, loyalty and now transport and micromobility.

After recording we realised we should publish this episode as there are a lot of great tips and Stephen was happy for us to share his wisdom. Our enthusiasm meant we explored a number of topics. With more than 20 podcasts now published, there have been some improvements. Not least of which, Judith has a new plant in her office and Krystyna has a new fur baby and new home with lots of light shining into her new office.

In this episode, we explore:

  • How to create longevity in your career
  • How you can leverage your existing skills to move to another industry
  • Why moving industries can be advantageous so don’t be afraid
  • Taking a job early in your career that may not be fun but will be instrumental to your development
  • Do you like the people you work for and are you having fun

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