Mista Pierre's Fortified 45s Show - Season 2 Ep 2 with Martin Green

Mista Pierre's Fortified 45s Show

31-08-2023 • 1 hr 32 mins

Pierre is in conversation with one of the most exciting and influential  DJs of the 90s, Martin Green.  Martin founded the club Smashing, the epicentre of the 90's Britpop scene.

Martin is an avid music collector, unearthing a nutritious bounty of lost gems and compiling them on many albums for major and independent record companies, kickstarting the popular lounge revival of the mid-90s. He became features editor of Beige magazine, interviewing various cult figures, artists and actors whose work he admires. In addition, he reviews plays, shows and events for the publication.

As if that isn't enough, he combines these varied occupations, co-curating exhibitions as part of Duovision, producing gallery events and contributing a suitable musical score to the art presented.

Intro Song
I like London in the Rain - Blossom Dearie

Martin's Cuddly Curation
The Black Queens Beads - The Young Lovers
E.V.A  - Jean Jacques Perrey
Black Rite - Mandingo
This is Hardcore - Pulp ( 4Hero Remix)
For What It is Worth - Sergio Mendes
Cherrystones - Eugene McDaniels

Referenced Tracks
Just to Get a Rep - Gangstarr

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