The importance of My Team, F1 World and anti-cheat – F1 23’s Lee Mather | S7 E13

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24-07-2023 • 29 mins

A Traxion Podcast interview with Senior Creative Director at Electronic Arts, Codemasters, Lee Mather – who’s responsible for the official Formula 1 game’s direction each year.

Mather has worked on the F1 games since 2008, spanning a 15-year stint. We asked him about his time working on the yearly motorsport titles, but also what the thinking was behind the F1 World game mode, if we’ll see more Braking Point in the future and how the new car handling was developed.

We also touch upon the importance of esports and league racing, and the company’s plans to implement anti-cheat measures. Will classic cars ever make a return? Is My Team and Driver Career still important for the franchise? Are we to expect more limited-time liveries?

All of these key questions are answered – but of course, be sure to leave your F1 23 feedback in the comments below!

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