How The Verge Produces Award-Winning Videos (with Becca Farsace)

Inside The Creator's Studio

04-12-2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

Becca Farsace won an Emmy AND a Webby for her videos at The Verge — a tech news publication with over 3M subscribers on YouTube. There, she hosts a series for them called Full Frame, which is all about cameras. In this interview, we spoke to her about film school, the early days of Vox, her Webby, and how her process is different for short-form videos compared to long-form videos. This episode is brought to you by⁠ ⁠StreamYard⁠⁠. To record your own remote podcast, visit⁠ Inside The Creator's Studio is an origin story podcast about the world’s best video content creators. It's hosted by ⁠Katie Kane⁠⁠ &⁠ ⁠Mo Akif⁠⁠. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts, or on YouTube. New episodes air every 2 weeks!

Feel free to leave us a review here, or comment on the video version on ⁠⁠YouTube.⁠ You can also leave us a voice message. Timestamps below: 00:00 Preview 00:48 Intro 02:17 Rapid-fire questions 05:09 Becca's origin story 15:07 Learning camera presence 20:41 Creative outlets & documenting her life 30:00 The story behind her catch-phrase ('Buds') 34:50 Learning from co-workers, winning a Webby 45:06 Her short-form video process 52:05 AI's impact on content creation

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