Lead Generation Through Events

The Target Practice Podcast for Insurance Agents

12-04-2022 • 17 mins

Today’s episode is all about lead generation through event marketing, or as we sometimes say, getting butts in seats so they listen to you. A captive audience can provide a tremendous ROI in many cases.

Showing Better Options

If you’re a speaker or teacher, then presenting at a dinner or workshop can match your style and energy, bringing you closer to your prospects and engaging with them on a personal level. It gives you the opportunity to show your prospects that there may be better options for them, and you can answer their questions then and there.

You Can Help More People

Now, don’t worry about getting those butts in the seats, you can outsource that piece, there are plenty of companies who specialize in filling your workshop with highly qualified prospects. Or you can partner with someone who loves to market, enjoys getting those people to the event, and then you take care of the presentation. Or vice versa, maybe you would prefer to do the marketing bit and have someone else come in to present. Either way, you are able to get in front of more people, get them excited, and help them.

Charlie’s Favorite

During the pandemic, event marketing took a little bit of a hiatus, but it’s coming back. Webinars have become a little more prevalent, but they don’t have the same power or energy that you experience when you are in the room with your prospects, looking them in the eye, and truly connecting. Event marketing is Charlie’s favorite. It works very well. It's not super leveraged. You can't sit on your butt at home and do webinars, but it works incredibly well.

Listen to this episode and learn more about event marketing and how you can put it to work in your business!

About Charlie Jewett

Charlie Jewett is an author, speaker, recruiter, trainer, consumer advocate and investment advisor from San Diego, CA. As the “Financial Services Whistleblower” Charlie has been trying to change the way that industry professionals and consumers think about retirement since 2005. With considerable years of experience and an array of professional certifications, Charlie focuses on stock market alternatives combined with tax-free retirement income and provides educational materials that help people to create their ideal retirement plan. He is the host of two podcasts, Renovating Retirement and Target Practice for Advisors, as well as the author of “Renovating Retirement” and “Two Ways to Be Debt Free”, both available on Amazon Kindle.

About Bobby Alford

Bobby Alford has walked an unconventional path to becoming the CEO of Renovating Retirement. He spent 10 years in the US Submarine force, both as an officer and enlisted person, earning a degree in nuclear engineering along the way. Bobby then joined corporate America and worked for a Fortune 50 company in operations, finance, and sales management roles. After getting his MBA, he began working with military veterans to improve their retirement options. At that point he found Charlie Jewett and learned how to truly impact a person's financial life using the MERIT model of planning. Bobby joined Charlie and now uses his skills to grow their company toward achieving the goal of creating $1 billion dollars of annual tax-Free money for their clients.

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