Where did House Music Begin? NYC or Chi - Part 3 of 4 Guest Kirk Burrowes

The Byrd's Nest

14-04-2021 • 2 hrs 2 mins

DJ Vernell Byrd and Co-Host Walt McFarland speak with Kirk Burrowes, NYC Resident and Co-Founder of Bad Boy Entertainment about the origins of House Music.  Includes an interview and a mix by DJ Vernell Byrd. This is Part 3 of a 4 part series

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Addicted (Reggie Steele Mix) by Sheree Hicks.

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Touch and Go by Ecstasy, Passion and Pain feat Barbara Roy

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It Ain’t No Big Thing (2012 – ReMaster) by Donna McGhee

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I Feel Love (12” Version) by Donna Summer

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I Can’t Turn Around by J.M. Silk

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