A guide to becoming a Portfolio FD

Adrian Lawrence Podcast

06-03-2021 • 6 mins

In today's episode our in-house Financial expert Adrian Lawrence talks further about becoming a Portfolio FD, he works as the CEO for Reporting Accounts one day per week, but as a Portfolio CFO himself 3 or 4 days per week for a number of different SME clients.

At FD Capital we get regular calls from FD's interested in moving into Portfolio work, common questions include how easy is it to find Portfolio work?   You need to build up a network to be fully occupied and that takes time and effort, typically a day per week needs to be set aside for networking and reaching out to build up a network within the Private Equity and corporate finance spaces.

How many days per week can I expect to work?  That's another common question and the ideal seems to be 4 days per week as that allows for extra time to support clients with their requirements for year ends, budgets, forecasting and fund raises.  It also allows for time for networking.

Are their networks you can join?  Yes there are and FD Capital is one of them.  We are actively looking for new Opportunities and FD's in London and the West Midlands.  So if you are looking to Recruit a part time FD in London then reach out to FD Capital.

To find more Hints and tips to become a Portfolio FD read our blog post here.

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