Die For You! - Would You Die For These Anime Characters?! | Ep.180

Suuuper Anime

28-11-2023 • 59 mins

“I wanna live!!!!” – Nico Robin from One piece

PLEASE NOTE! - This episode was done for ficitional purposes only and does not reflect the mental state of both Ed or Solo.  Should you be having any issues or negative thoughts, please contact your relevant mental health line.

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is one i know of which might be of use. You are not alone, don't suffer in silence!

Discussion Points

  • What does it mean to say that you would die for an anime character?
  • What are some qualities that make anime characters lovable and worth dying for?
  • Is there a difference between loving an anime character and dying for them?
  • Have you ever felt so connected to an anime character that you would do anything for them?
  • Are there any anime characters that you would die for? If so, why?
  • What are some of the most popular anime characters that fans would die for?
  • What do you think anime characters think of their fans who would die for them?
  • Has anyone ever died for an anime character?

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Suuuper podcast title inspired by Weekend – Die For You

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