Dreams & Nightmares (Remix) - Gigi Murakami is Back! We Talk Her Manga Resenter, Solo Gets Roasted + Much More! | Ep. 178

Suuuper Anime

14-11-2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

“This is what I live for, hearing y’all talk about this [Resenter].” – Gigi Murakami

She has been featured in publications such as Buzzfeed, Black Girl Nerd and Gritty Vibes to name a few. She hails from the Bronx NY, loves and is influenced by horror and science fiction media, has her own Manga called the Mixed Tape Reel.

On this episode Gigi Murakami comes back to talk about part 2 of her incredible self-published manga Resenter. Gigi builds on how the story is developing and what’s to come regarding the tale of Jackie and her quest for revenge.

Gigi Murakami socials

We discuss the following things:

First part – General laughs and catching up with Gigi

  • Solo gets roasted throughout the show.
  • Gigi talks about what she is watching.
  • We discuss if chuckie is creepy?
  • Gigi gives insight into what she is scared of.
  • Gigi explains a crazy nightmare that she had.
  • Ed gets roasted by Gigi for not be able to float in water.
  • Gigi calls out Solo for his craziness.

Second Part 50mins onwards – discussing Resenter with Spoilers

Gigi’s items mentioned on the podcast.

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