15. How To Heal Holistically & Spiritually with Odalis Avant, Founder of Ocean & Mint Apothecary

JoyTutor Podcast

25-02-2023 • 32 mins

Host of the JoyTutor Podcast, JoAnna Williams, met with Odalis Avant, founder of Ocean & Mint Apothecary, to explain what is a spiritual white bath, the benefits, and why clients use them. As the creator of Mint & Ocean Apothecary, Odalis blended her journey as a medical coder, herbalist, and spiritualist to curate a growing wellness line that assists our community with their healing paths. After 20+ years of gardening & studying plants with her parents, earning her B.A. in Linguistics and certificate in Behavioral Health coding, she began blending balms & salves in her kitchen for family & friends. With an amazingly warm response & encouragement, Odalis opened Mint & Ocean’s virtual doors in 2017. One year later, after realizing some of her family’s spiritual practices could also assist the community, the Botánica portion of the shop was shared. The mission? To help our community mentally, physically & spiritually with traditional recipes sourced from both the earth & the sea. Mint & Ocean has been blessed to be featured in BuzzFeed, New York Live, and, most recently, the JoyTutor Podcast. :) On her ever-evolving journey, one of the most vital lessons learned is that a strong and healthy connection to the earth, ourselves, and our tribes is essential to our longevity. Asè.