Day Two: Kilmarnock - Redcar

Big Learner Relay Pudcast

07-11-2022 • 27 mins

Day two sees Lou pick up where she left off in Kilmarnock and finish in Redcar, hitting the following places along the way:

  • Cumnock
  • Biggar
  • Beattock
  • Ecclefechan
  • Carlisle
  • Penrith
  • Stainmore
  • Barnard castle
  • Rushyford
  • Middlesborough

As well as hearing an update from Lou, we also catch up with Phil Cowely who tells us about his fancy dress theme this year and why he's looking forward to being a lead car driver.

While the podcast and BLR itself is always fun, it's important to remember the reason behind it - driving instructors raising money for Children in need. So if you can spare a little change, donate whatever you can here.

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