Lee Pettit - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 157

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

29-10-2023 • 2 hrs 7 mins

This weeks guest is Westmoor Farm Carp Fishery owner and captor of some of Europes largest ever carp, it's Lee
Pettit. Lee is no stranger to big carp, when we mean big we mean 80lb+. He talks in depth about probably the lesser known side of him and that's his incredible angling captures. Starting from humble beginning on the Isle Of Wight through to the captures of
incredible huge carp from the likes of Chantecoq, Les Telliatts and Graviers to name but a few. The level of his big fish experience and his angling approach thinking outside the box and seemly having a remarkably successful way to single bigger carp out on
pressured waters will leave you in awe and certainly make you think. As if that wasn't enough Lee shares how he has built the incredible Westmoor Farm carp Fishery featuring an incredible day ticket, specimen lake and luxury lodge accommodation all in the
space of seven action packed years. It's a tale of hard work, love and real fish farming expertise which has lead him to own one of the most incredible complexes of lakes that cater for all anglers and boast fish to over 40lbs. One thing is for sure despite
his understated manner Lee is an incredibly hard working and down right obsessive individual. He channels that so well through his fishing and work on the fishery and the results show for themselves.

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