Jason Hayward - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 162

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

03-12-2023 • 4 hrs 3 mins

This week the podcast welcome the first ever captor of "The Black Mirror",  hook sharpening specialist and big carp legend Jason Hayward.

Jason is incredible technical in his angling. He speaks openly and in great depth about his technical thoughts and findings on rigs, hook sharpening and baits, with more than a few unique points  and key edges that every angler and learn from.

Jason has always played his cards close to his chest about his angling, he reveals some lesser heard stories about his angling including his angling on The Thames as well as an incredible account of his time discovering "The Mere" and the first ever recorded captured of the infamous "The Black Mirror" at over 46lb in 1992.

Jason is a "proper" carp angler in every sense of the word, he has a depth of technical knowledge that is second to none as well as the ability to tell and incredible story. This podcast will not only entertain you, make you laugh and leave you in awe but it will also give you more then a few things to think about when you are next out on the bank.

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