Scott Hatton - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 169

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

21-01-2024 • 2 hrs 45 mins

This week the podcast welcomes one of the most dedicated and passionate carp anglers Scott Hatton.

Scott is a man who by his own admission isn't a "household" name in the carp fishing industry however he has recently completed the ultimate carp fishing challenge in the UK, something no carp angling superstar has ever achieved or even dare to try and complete.... A Windermere carp! Scott talks about his and his son Connors incredible time on the 3000 acre+ inland sea.

As well as this Scott talks about his love for fishing unknown big waters fishing for rumours, shadows and legends. There's a fascinating section on his fishing at "The Flash" as well as other more mainstream chapter such as angling for one of the biggest commons in the country. Scott takes us back to his days fishing the canal and exactly what his obsession with carp fishing has cost him in terms of sacrificing jobs.

This podcast is filled with passion and dedication in the purist form. there's no bait deals or hand out hear just pure blood, sweat, tears and incredible carp. Add in the fact that Scoot raised Connor his son single handedly whilst doing all this and then involving him in his father son fishing adventures then this podcast can't help but leave you feeling incredibly inspired.