Mike Brown - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 170

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

28-01-2024 • 3 hrs 56 mins

Joining Hassan in the studio this week is a man who is famed for his crazy European adventures which span over decades, it's Poingdestre Angling Centres' Mike Brown.

Mike has gained a reputation for his incredible angling exploits fishing the likes of Lac du Der , Rainbow, Cassein and a huge arrange of public waters spread over Europe. In fact he has been doing these trips before this type of angling was as popular as it is now. He talks about how this came to be, what drives him and always has to this style of angling as well as an array of incredible stories and insight into his European angling.

Mikes also talks about his UK chapters with his grounding around Ringwood. This is an area of Mikes angling that is more unknown but without surprise he sexily always had the ability to catch them. He shares stories about his carp fishing development and influences as well and how this lead him to work in the trade also.

Mike is a humble yet incredible angler who has found what he wants and has always beat the crowds in search of carp fishing at its purist.