The Parenting Bridge

Michelle Alden

Who knew parenting would be so difficult? Right? Maybe you thought it would come more naturally, or maybe it was easier, except for that one kid that seems to push all your buttons. Are you at a loss for how to deal with everything from tantrums to managing that snarky back chat or simply just don’t want to feel like you're failing as a parent? Do you worry about doing things right, or finding the right help for your child? Are you tired of the daily battles, fighting, and chaos in your home? If you are facing challenges as a parent, you are not alone. At (name) we think that things can get better and we want you to experience that too as you reclaim your home, find more peace, and build a structure that lasts. Join Dr. Michelle Alden author of Parenting Emotionally Distressed Kids: Build a Bridge to Better Behavior the Healthy Foundations Way, as she discusses scientific research and strategies for navigating the tough and challenging job of parenting. Many parents today feel overwhelmed and burnt out, maybe even believing that this is just how families are. Dr. Michelle will offer practical solutions that give parents the tools they need to build a bridge from where they are now to the family they wanted to be, supporting you to be the parent you wanted to be and raising healthy and secure children. read less
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