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Cashback Credit Cards Vs Reward Credit Cards

Credit Card Talk show by Tarandeep

07-09-2022 • 1 min

It is difficult to ignore the convenience of a credit card. It is not only a safer option compared to cash transactions, but also offers benefits in the form of rewards or cash-back options.The simplicity of cash back credit cards can be appealing to many. But credit cards that offer points are tempting because they can help you land that dream vacation more quickly.

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Cashback Credit Cards

Cashback is the simplest form of benefit a credit card can offer. You spend money and you get real value back, instead of earning rewards and later redeeming them for cash, vouchers or other items. There are several cashback credit cards in India, most of them offering extra cashback on select spending categories.

Best Cashback Credit Card that are available are as follow:

  • Axis Bank ACE Credit Card
  • Citi Cashback Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Reward Credit Cards

Rewards credit cards offer the primary advantage of reward points programs and their redemption options. The reward points help you save your hard-earned money and give you the best experience of using a credit card.

Some of the common Reward Credit cards that are available are as follows:

  • SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card
  • SBI Card PRIME
  • IDFC FIRST Select Credit Card

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