RG 353 - Investing in Pandemic and Recession Resistant Asset Classes – w/ Ben Reinberg

Investing In The U.S.

28-06-2023 • 45 mins

What is the value of investing in medical offices? And why are they considered recession and pandemic resistant? Learn more about Ben Reinberg and his fool-proof values as a seasoned and successful entrepreneur. Ben Reinberg is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies, a real estate investment firm specializing in medical, retail, and industrial office properties with over $350 million in portfolio value. How did Ben Reinberg and his team at Alliance find a gold mine in medical offices and other ‘necessity’ asset classes? The process wasn’t as simple as you may think. In this week’s episode, Ben shares how Alliance operates and serves investors in the best way possible and sprinkles a few of his insights as an entrepreneur. We learn about Ben as a person and entrepreneur in this lesson-rich interview. Press that ‘Play’ button to learn more about how you can improve as an investor, business owner, and individual as a whole. KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. In this business, you will fail, but you must keep pushing yourself forward. 2. Continuing to work on yourself and your expertise can help you push past the face of adversity. 3. Medical office is recession and pandemic resistant. 4. There may be a lot of opportunities while interest rates rise. 5. Tough times don’t last—tough people do. 6. Your attitude and motivation are so important when you step into business. LINKS https://alliancecgc.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/benreinberg https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ben-reinberg-i-own-it/id1626923659 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Want to invest alongside Reed? All investments are 100% PASSIVE. Historical returns to accredited investors have ranged 18-31% annualized! To find out more, head on over to… www.reedgoossens.com