Micheal Oscar- Connecting digital creatives across Africa.

Kurious K

24-07-2022 • 46 mins

Oscar Michael is the Co-founder at Africacomicade, one of the leading platforms for African digital creatives, celebrating their works and connecting them to opportunities for learning, collaboration and funding. Oscar is a visionary entrepreneur with interests in Art, Technology,  Education, and Human capacity development. He is an alumnus of MEST Africa, where He learnt software Entrepreneurship, and is an IGDA (International Game Developers Association) Foundation NEXTGEN leader alumnus for the 2021 Virtual Exchange program. In today's episode with Oscar Micheal We Discuss - His story of getting into the innovation space -How did that  evolve into building Africacomicade - The creator's economy - The current state of the Game industry in Africa compared to other parts of the world - Africacomicade business model - Funding- globally creator economy has seen a record $1.3B in funding in 2021 alone, and there has been significant growth in funding across Africa. why is the gaming sector not attracting funds like other sectors? - What to expect from Gamathon 2022 convention --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kolapo-ogungbile/message