Vincent Li: Investing in Africa Web3 Startups

Kurious K

12-03-2023 • 24 mins

In this episode, we speak with Vincent Li, the Founding Partner of Adaverse, a Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator that invests in web3 startups in Africa. Vincent shares his inspiration behind focusing on the African market and how Adaverse navigates the unique challenges and opportunities for web3 startups on the continent. Vincent also walks us through a case study of a web3 startup that Adaverse has invested in and supported, highlighting its impact on the African ecosystem. He then delves into the key indicators that Adaverse looks for when evaluating potential investments in web3 startups and how they collaborate with other investors globally to support the growth of the web3 ecosystem in Africa. As more investors and startups enter the web3 space in Africa, Vincent explains how Adaverse maintains its competitive edge and continues to identify and support the most promising ventures. He also shares some exciting developments and upcoming projects that Adaverse is working on in the web3 space and how they will contribute to Africa's tech ecosystem. Join us in this insightful conversation with Vincent Li to learn about Adaverse's investment strategies in Africa's web3 ecosystem and the potential of web3 technologies in shaping Africa's digital economy. Learn more about Adverse at --- Send in a voice message: