#3 - Maker's Mark Flight

Two Pours

16-03-2020 • 1 hr 35 mins

Brad and Derrick sit down to a 2 pour (okay, 3 pour) flight from the Maker's Mark distillery. We take out the flagship for a spin in a "secret tasting" again where we taste together off the air, then share our notes with each other on the podcast. We then do a live sampling of Maker's 46 and compare the two. Sprinkled among the pours we talk about the history of Maker's Mark Distillery and the features of their bourbons. Then while I delve into a story, Derrick wanders off to tackle a barrel strength Maker's Private Select pour. We're not polished, we're not the sommeliers of bourbon. We're just two old KY boys now living and enjoying life around Nashville, TN. We enjoy a pour (or two), and always enjoy a good story. Come join us and listen to Brad tell about embarrassing stories from his childhood and a rather disturbing Michael Jackson reference throwback living inside Derrick's childhood. We're laughing and enjoying it all. Come join us. It's Two Pours!