#7 - Growing Your Kindle Self Publishing Business To Make $1000s Per Month

The Alex Kaplo Podcast

03-03-2022 • 45 mins

If you're struggling to learn how to grow your kindle self publishing business to make $1000s per month, then you're going to want to stick around to watch this video!

Scaling and growing your self publishing KDP business is one of the hardest things to do, so in this video I'll be pulling back the curtains of my personal Amazon self-publishing book business and showing you step-by-step how I went from not having too much money and having only 1 book (not to mention not too much confidence in me) to building my kindle business to over 300+ books in my kindle publishing business portfolio and making over $100,000+ for the last few consecutive years.

I'll also be sharing with you some of my biggest amazon self publishing mistakes I've made and what I would do differently in my kindle direct publishing business to shortcut my way to where I am today.