#8 - Hardcover Books for Amazon KDP - What You Need To Know!

The Alex Kaplo Podcast

03-03-2022 • 11 mins

It's true, hardcover books for amazon KDP is a thing now and in this video, I'll tackle what you need to know!

Finally, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is giving self-publishers the option to begin selling print-on-demand hardcover books on Amazon. You can now create case laminate hardcover books along with paperbacks and eBooks. This means your hardcover book will not have a dust jacket and the art is printed directly on the cover.

Now with hardcover books for Amazon KDP, you can publish a hardcover book and turn an existing paperback or eBook into a hardcover book. You can format a hardcover file the same way you would with a KDP paperback book. I'll also be talking about the costs of Kindle Direct Publishing hardcover printing and advertising pricing strategies for your Hardcover Amazon KDP book.