#1 - Kindle Self Publishing Success Stories - $0 to 6-Figures A Year

The Alex Kaplo Podcast

02-03-2022 • 19 mins

I'm extremely excited to share my Kindle self publishing success story with you guys! I wanted to share a little about me and tell you a few stories of where I came from, some of the struggles I've experienced and overall tell you more about my entrepreneurial journey so far.

My purpose with this first video is to hopefully inspire you, no matter where you come from or how many failures you've experienced in life, you can always turn things around for yourself and make a positive change in your life just like I was able to do using the power of Amazon's Kindle self publishing to reach six-figures a year.

If you like this personal side of entrepreneurship, raw and honest, telling stories of my journey so far with my Kindle publishing business, let me know I'd be super happy to make more!

One of the biggest factors that motivated when I was just getting started was seeing real genuine people share their stories online about how they were able to achieve success... so, here's mine.

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