Ep21 - Smart cities: when 1+1 = 3, the value of data analytics

Blue Door Podcast

09-06-2021 • 29 mins

This week we return to the topic of Smart Cities. I talk with Geoff Wappett, head of O2 Motion, who's been speaking with councils, businesses and other organisations to understand the benefits of Smart Cities - expediting movements of vehicles, people and things, sustainability and environmental opportunities and much much more.

  • The skills required of the analysts of the data collected
  • More Smart City use cases for population movement data, and data collected by IoT sensors
  • How data can support retailers with the regeneration of the high street
  • How the insights from collected data has the potential to improve council services, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

So open that door, come on in and let's begin to take a closer look at how Smart Cities can help make better decisions for people, places and technology.

This week's guest:

Geoff Wappett, Head of O2 Motion at Virgin Media O2.

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