Security Now (Audio)


Cybersecurity guru Steve Gibson joins Leo Laporte every Tuesday. Steve and Leo break down the latest cybercrime and hacking stories, offering a deep understanding of what's happening and how to protect yourself and your business. Security Now is a must listen for security professionals every week. Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC. read less

Our Editor's Take

Cyber attacks against institutions like banks and phone companies are increasing. The Security Now (Audio) podcast talks about this subject. This show features discussions about cybersecurity topics. The duo of Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte host the podcast. They bring insider information with knowledge, enthusiasm, and humor. The program is the podcast version of the YouTube podcast of the same name.

Security Now (Audio) has delivered news and insight on computer and network security since 2005. Podcast host Gibson is a software engineer and security researcher. He is best known for the SpinRite software. His tech research company, Gibson Research Corporation, created SpinRite. Cohost Laporte is famous for his technology radio show, The Tech Guy. He received an Emmy for his role as Dev Null on The Site, an MSNBC show.

Computer technology has its risks and vulnerabilities. Viruses, malware, and bots are common threats to individual and multi-user systems. On the award-winning Security Now (Audio) , listeners learn about the latest in computer security. Each episode starts with the podcast hosts sharing the latest security news. They discuss topical tech issues like Crypto Safety and DDos.

Security Now (Audio) explores tech and cyber topics that many will find engaging. The hosts discuss vulnerabilities and security updates on Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft. The hosts also address new developments in cybersecurity and laws regulating innovations. They keep listeners updated on topics that affect everyday life. Topics include app security, data mining, and governments scanning citizens' devices.

As technology podcasts go, Security Now (Audio) is among the best. Its longevity testifies to the quality of information shared in the show. The hosts have easy banter while passing along crucial tech tips, insights, and news. The mix of geeky and fun makes the podcast informational without being boring. Listeners learn, laugh and get tools that help them navigate the cyber-focused world.

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