Ep22 - Women in tech: defining change. Meet Jo Wimble-Groves

Blue Door Podcast

16-06-2021 • 32 mins

This week I have a conversation with Jo Wimble-Groves - mum, company founder, director, supporter of women in leadership and technology, and focused on helping young girls get involved in a STEM syllabus.

With a genuine take on realising her own faults, we'll look at how she's used that to ensure the well-being of her staff, and looking at what lessons she likes to share to open up discussions around topics that sometimes are thought to be a little awkward.

  • The lessons for business well-being from the world of sport
  • A new approach to teams and teamwork in a post COVID workplace
  • What will ‘work life balance’ really mean from now on?
  • Being an ambassador for STEM
  • The value of having a creative output

So open that door, come on in and let's begin to take a closer look at how talking about feeling like a guilty mum has let Jo talk about topics that have helped in her work and family life.

This week's guest:
Jo Wimble-Groves, co-founder, Active Digital

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Three core areas to enable a dynamic workforce:

  • People: Freedom, flexibility and fulfilment: Re-imaging work in the age of the dynamic workforce
  • Places: Talent, tools and space: New workplace strategies for a dynamic working world
  • Technology: AI, automation and collaboration: Why tomorrow’s talent is human + digital

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