FOW3: Jody Medich - Need for humanizing technology & upskilling for the "Gig economy”

The Future of Work

08-04-2019 • 27 mins

For this special episode of SIM podcast, host Graham Brown caught up in person with Jody Medich at the Singularity Conference held in Singapore by SIM. Jody is an Independent consultant for Product design as well as an international faculty & Graduate studies program mentor/advisor at the Singularity University in California, USA. Over the 30 mins of conversation they talk in depth about the current Gig economy and "Industrial revolution 4.0". Citing examples from the wearable devices space, Jody talks about the overload of data & its shifting impact on us. She also explains how greater process automation can elevate employees from mundane tasks to accomplish more enriching & value generating work. Jody, who defines herself as a futurist, works on making technology speak the human language which she believes will unlock greater human creative potential. Listen to the entire episode to know more.

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