A 6-figure Youtube SEO strategy, a landing page that converts at 17% and building a fitness SaaS for nerds with Richa Prasad

Intellectual Software

23-01-2021 • 43 mins

I read Richa's Indiehackers story when it first came out and sent her a DM on Twitter. I was surprised by how much she knows about Youtube's algorithm and I've never met anyone who understands Youtube SEO to the core, as much as Richa does. We talked about how she left her job at Microsoft to start Coach Viva, meeting her cofounder, and their road to 6 figures. Along the way, Richa has mastered Youtube ( her main customer acquisition channel), copywriting ( their landing page converts at a mind-boggling 17%), and the psychological barriers that were stopping customers from trying out Coach Viva. We also talked about going from a 1-on-1 consulting agency to SaaS and a super-smart book summary startup idea. More in the show notes below :)

00:56 - Why I left Microsoft to start Coach Viva

03:17 - What holds your customers back is the psychological piece, not the strategic piece

04:25 - User interview to validate my idea

06:46 - Building an MVP with Facebook Messenger and Google Sheets

07:36 - Finding a cofounder

08:29 - Our first customers came from our personal network

09:18 - Youtube SEO as our main customer acquisition channel

10:44 - Moving from an agency model to a productized service

13:20 - Youtube wants it to be easy to categorize your videos

17:54 - The exact tools we use to nail Youtube

21:15 - Most marketing advice is geared towards companies that have some cash to burn

23:23 - Copywriting the landing page that converts at 17%

26:32 - Understanding the beliefs of your customer at an intimate level

28:44 - Our sales shot up when we started pitching our product in every video

32:00 - Selling to customers outside the tech crowd is very difficult the lean startup way

35:03 - Why you should share 'Why and What' content instead of 'How' content in emails

37:06 -  Riding on keywords that people are already searching for

38:19 - A unique book summary idea and making unknowns into knowns

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