Chris Hladczuk: How to connect with billionaires, crush it on Twitter and build atomic habits

Intellectual Software

09-05-2021 • 44 mins

Chris Hladczuk has interviewed billionaires, built a loyal following of thousands from his awesome Twitter threads, and built atomics habits like reading 365 days in a row, deep work, and sacred hours. In this episode, he shares his exact method of connecting and strengthening his relationship with billionaires, his sources for Twitter threads and how to craft threads that pick up millions of impressions, and building systems for success. It's the same mindset that brought him on the radar of Shaan Puri and other successful entrepreneurs. I loved how candidly he spilled all his secrets. Let him know what you learned from this :) Here are the show notes :) 02:00 - How I started working with Shaan Puri and lessons on creating 100X content  08:06 - My schedule for writing tweet threads, engineering social proof, and why you should spend 50% of your time writing headlines 13:05 - How you can reach out to millionaires and billionaires 16:24 - Building a world-class network with ASS framework  18:43 - Crushing it on zoom calls with strangers 21:50 - How to strengthen your relationship with extremely busy people 24:07 - The exact system I use to keep track of my network  26:01 - How I built my atomic habit for reading daily, deep work, and my sacred hours  34:52 - Why First Principles is useless to most people - Michael Seibel 37:27 - How to never run out of tweet ideas again 42:25 - Why I've bookmarked Sam Altman's essay on how to be successful for the past 2 years You can also follow me on Twitter for similar stuff. My DMs are open ( Chris on Twitter ( Yale Speaker Series ( Chris' website ( --- Send in a voice message: