How Andy Bailey went from $1.5 million in debt to building NationLink Wireless to $4 million in revenues and then built Petra Coach to $7.5 million in revenues in less than a decade.

Intellectual Software

22-11-2020 • 55 mins

Andy Bailey is the founder of NationLink Wireless (sold) and Petra Coach. As a kid, he'd climb trees, pull mistletoes and go door to door selling them. He'd sold candy bars, oil lamps, books, cut grass, and worked at a factory, all before graduating from school. In college, he started a landscaping business and a car phone installation business. While still in college, he started NationLink Wireless, which he grew into one of the top 200 fastest-growing privately-owned companies in the country.

Since selling NationLink, Andy has pursued his calling of helping other entrepreneurs scale their business. We talk about how Andy went $1.5 million in debt and clawed his way back, the stories behind the businesses he's started, helping founders find their purpose, climbing mountains, running a half marathon, writing a journal, and much more.


02:02 - Introduction

03:57 - How I ended up with 2 software companies in the process of scaling Petra Coach

06:56 - Selling candy bars, mistletoes, and oil lamps in schools

08:27 - How a class on sales in college changed my life

11:17 - NationLink, and other businesses I started in the early days

14:25 - Going $1.5 Million in debt in the process of selling NationLink and lessons learned

18:52 - Building a business that you could sell for $0 and still be fine

21:30 - Selling time for money and building a business that makes money while I sleep

23:20 - There are very few points in a person’s life where we actually have the ability to design what we want next

25:09 - Every coach coaches the same damn sport in a different way

27:28 - Working on the business instead of working in the business

30:10 - How we helped a healthcare company find its purpose

34:24 - Why we don’t hire people who’ve never run a successful business

36:29 - Learning John D. Rockefeller’s habits from Verne Harnish

39:04 - Entrepreneur’s organization

41:32 - Writing a journal, gratitude, exercise, and reading 10 minutes a day

47:00 - Climbing mountains and why I ran a half marathon with a 20-pound weight on my shoulders

49:34 - Favourite books

51:55 - The most successful person according to me and re-setting my reading goals each year

53:35 - Entrepreneurship in Nashville

54:22 - The best place to reach out to me

54:50 - Make your passion profitable and then scale it

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