100+ side projects, working with Nathan Latka, Product Hunt's Maker of the Year 2016 - Mubashar Iqbal

Intellectual Software

06-02-2021 • 38 mins

Mubs has been making things since he was about 8 years old. Selected as ProductHunt's maker of the year for 2016, Mubs has worked on 100+ side projects. He's collaborated with Nathan Latka on Founderpath and done tons of cool things. We talked about some of his successful early projects, Product Hunt, podcasts, no-code, Nathan Latka, and more.

Here are the show notes :)

00:50 - My first side project tracking football games as a Liverpool fan

02:33 - It took weeks to set up servers back in 2000

04:07 - A side project that got 4 million pages views in its first week and others

10:01 - Looking for ideas and validating them

14:10 - How Product Hunt has evolved over the years

16:33 -  An idea I thought would never get traction but is now used by corporations

18:53 - Why Podhunt is rethinking podcast recommendation systems

23:03 - Taking multiple small bets vs solving 1 big problem

24:55 - Working with Nathan Latka and what it's like

28:14 - Think of how your product serves the Product Hunt audience and how we did it with Founderpath

31:42 - Thoughts on no-code tools

33:56 - The most interesting people I've met on PH and Indiehackers

34:57 - Josh Pigford and my definition of success

36:22 - My advice to young entrepreneurs

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