How I built a multi-million dollar baseball team by creating fans first experiences - The Yellow Tux Guy, Jesse Cole

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11-10-2020 • 55 mins

Jesse Cole became the General Manager of the Gastonia Grizzlies baseball team and took it from losing $100,000 a year and $268 in the bank account to selling out games. After selling the team he bought the Savannah Bananas baseball team and went on from selling a single ticket in the first 2 months to sell a million tickets. He's turned baseball games into a circus, with grandma beauty pageants, choreographed dance routines by players, male cheerleading squads, and many more crazy, awesome ideas. In the process, he's made his company, Fans First Entertainment, one of the fastest-growing companies in America and has transformed many lives along the way. Here's his story, and how he did it.


01:40 - Introduction

02:02 - Owning 2 baseball teams at a young age

03:50 - My dad loved baseball and taught me to follow my passion

05:35 - Sometimes you gotta try lots of things to find your passion

07:50 - One of the most dangerous things you can have is success

10:08 - It took 10 years of hard work to make Gastonia Grizzlies successful

11:10 - The toughest times in people's lives are short term

13:00 - COVID - What an amazing time to test new ideas

15:24 - Removing all ads from Savannah Bananas stadium

17:20 - Livestreaming baseball matches - Bananas Insider

18:16 - You have to be willing to be misunderstood at first

21:29- Offering an internship to Barack Obama

23:28 - Validating ideas

25:56 - Hiring employees looking at their FUTURE resumes

27:48 - Three-year vision for Savannah Bananas

31:06 - Mentors - Walt Disney, Bill Veeck, and P.T. Barnum

34:28 - Learning from brands outside the industry

38:35 - Books that have inspired me

40:12 - Paying employees to read books and learning together

43:00 - How a Thank You letter led to writing "Find Your Yellow Tux"

45:45 - The Thank You Experiment

48:31 - Miracle Morning and daily routine

51:39 - Favorite podcasts

53:22 - Why I started my podcast

54:20 - Connecting with Jesse

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