Jonathan Domsky: Accidental entrepreneur, China, Books and Capitalism

Intellectual Software

12-07-2021 • 51 mins

Steal My Marketing is back after a long break of self-reflection and doubt. This conversation with Jonathan was recorded a few months back and has everything that I love about podcasting. It allows this 26-year-old to talk to someone I've never met about things I'm deeply interested in. The world is a fascinating place. It feels good to be back :)


01:30 - The accidental entrepreneur

04:30 - Why I bought a 1-way ticket to China right after college

10:00 - Entrepreneurship in China in 1994

13:19 - Business schools teach you working for companies, not entrepreneurship

16:57 - How we rebuilt our business after the 2008 financial meltdown

23:10 - The markets are the same, the channels have shifted

25:20 - No country matches China's combination of infrastructure & efficiency

28:43 - The miracle of McDonald's is that fries taste the same in London or Beijing

39:24 - Untangled Coaching

46:15 - Why American capitalism will always triumph over Chinese capitalism

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