TPP570: How to find the best places to invest

The Property Podcast

15-02-2024 • 21 mins

In this week's episode of The Property Podcast, Rob & Rob discuss the exact tools they use to establish strong property fundamentals when analysing potential investment locations. They cover key factors such as employment, transport links, education, and regeneration, providing practical tips and specific tools for research.

You'll learn...

- How to assess employment fundamentals using tools like LinkedIn Jobs and major employer searches.

- Techniques for analysing transport links, including rail, bus, and airport proximity and services.

- The importance of evaluating education factors like schools, universities, and local amenities.

- How to identify regeneration potential in an area using news searches and investment websites.

  • (0:45) News story of the week
  • (2:24) The five fundamentals begin…
  • (3:24) Tools to access employment data for a location
  • (4:44) How to analyse various types of transport links
  • (9:10) Techniques to evaluate education fundamentals
  • (10:58) The importance of accessing local amenities
  • (12:46) How to scope out potential regeneration projects in an area
  • (17:22) Hub Extra: Save money on your next holiday!

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