Mark Gets His Breakthrough In 20 Minutes! - Episode 6

Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

02-08-2022 • 20 mins

Here’s the scenario. You’ve got a talent… BUT… you’re scared to charge money for it because, “What if no one wants to pay for it?” So you just keep giving it away for free. That was Mark’s situation, before our session.

Today’s episode is...
Mark Gets His Breakthrough In 20 Minutes!

What happens in this episode?
Today I’m going to take you behind the scenes of my business and you’re going to hear a real “Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” session, featuring a new client.

“Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” sessions are pretty straight forward.

New clients tell me what business or talent they’d like to make money from.
They tell me the one thing that’s stopping them from moving forward.

Then, I use my years of experience to provide them with a solution in 20 minutes or less!

In this session, Mark James Heath (a community event organizer) talks about wanting to get to the next level of his career. His only problem is… He doesn’t know how to ask people to pay him for his services.

Why is this episode so important?
Most people think they're talented, but not talented enough to actually be paid as a professional. If you fall in that category, chances are you need to unpack some negative mental programming, just like Mark does in this session.

Episode Highlights

  • There’s power in seeing yourself as an “opportunity” instead of “a bill”.
  • Respecting your customers’ “true values” is the secret to getting paid for what you do.

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Then I use my years of experience and business coachy brain to come up with solutions for you on the spot.

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