Rob Parish - Atomic Disco - 231026

Rob Parish Podcasts

28-10-2023 • 2 hrs 4 mins

Podcast from this week's Atomic Disco show, on VDub Radio, for Thursday 26th October 2023


Frank Di Maria, Zeeo - More Than Enough (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Promos]
Walter G - Timbaleiro (Original Mix) [Groovebom Records]
Walter G - The Choice (Mannix Jazzy Primetime Vibe) [Dafia Records]
Luke Delite & Michelle Weeks - Give Me Your Love (Dave Lee Edit) [The Disco Express]
Marco Molina, Nishant Bardoloi - Do It Now (Original Mix) [Whore House]
Brothers in Arts, Da Funk Junkies - Rocket Man (Da Funk Junkies Extended Remix) [In It Together Records]
Kenny Bizzarro - For More [Bunny Clan]
Luis Radio - Alkemy (Original Mix) [Groovebom Records]
Dexter Troy - Dance To The Music (Original Mix) [Monoside]
Gianni Santoro feat. Norbit Housemaster - Going Up (Vibe Mix) [Bit Rule Records]
Daisuke Miyamoto - Give It (Original Mix) [Soul Beach Records]
Xavier Beet - Niña Bonita (Extended Mix) [Riviera House Recordings]
Kathy Brown, Jet Boot Jack, Da Lukas - Just Hold On (Da Lukas Remix) [Only Good Vibes Music]
Crazibiza, House Of Prayers - One Night In The Disco (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records (pornostar)]
Shakedown, Bootsy Collins - Funky And You Know It (Shakedown Work That Mother Extended Mix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
Da Lukas, Walterino, Freak Power - Hey California (Extended Mix) [Groove Culture]
Otho And Grag - I'm Funky [sync.records]
Kevin Yost, Crew Deep - Count On Me (Original Mix) [i! Records]
Marc Cotterell - The Way I Live (Original) [Plastik People Digital]
Simon Adams, Luca Cristante - Hey J (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
Funk Mediterraneo - Can You Fix (Foo Funkers Remix) [Mood Funk Records]
Maickel Telussa, You Mann & Bad Motherfunker - Jump to It [Starguardz - Disco House]
Daisuke Miyamoto - Lose Your Love (Original Mix) [Hive Label]
Langton - Your Woman (Extended Mix) [Fool's Paradise]
Benjamin Barth, Venky & Da Lukas - Kids of Disco (Da Lukas Extended Remix) [In It Together Records]