#27 - Let's talk Physiotherapy with Aloysius Oo Bok Leong

The WowFactor Podcast with Samuel Kamugisha

07-08-2021 • 27 mins

In this 27th episode of the WowFactor Podcast, I feature Aloysius Oo Bok Leong, a graduate from the University of Cyberjaya, The President Elect of the Rotary Club of Johor Bahru Sentral and the founder and Senior Physiotherapist at QI Physiotherapy based in Malaysia.

Aloysius' keen focus as a Physiotherapist is to help people recover from their disabilities as soon as possible and in this episode, we take a deep dive into Physiotherapy in Malaysia.

In this interview with Aloysius Oo, we go in-depth on:

  1. A Layman's definition of physiotherapy.
  2. Common misconceptions about Physiotherapy in Malaysia.
  3. Challenges did you face when founding and managing QI Physiotherapy.

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