Accessory Dwelling Units with Kristi Cirtwill #DDRE32

Data Driven Real Estate

04-02-2021 • 56 mins

Kristi Cirtwill moved from Toronto, Canada to Long Beach, California in 2007 to start a full-time rehab/re-sell business. Since 2008, she has purchased over 250 houses in Southern California, and her specialty is buying “hoarded houses”. Her current projects include a lot-split and build-out of four houses in Los Angeles, as well as building multiple Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Kristi currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys outdoor activities, playing her guitar, good food and wine, and visiting her family in Canada.

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00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Kristi Cirtwill, President, Cirwill Investments
04:32​ What is an ADU? JADU?
05:54​ What's the difference between and ADU and JADU?
09:04​ What is a cramlord
09:38​ How to spot a spot a good property to build an ADU?
13:18​ How did Kristi get started with ADUs?
18:00​ How much does it cost to build and ADU? Stick build or manufactured?
26:14​ How to maximize livable space in ADUs?
30:07​ How do tenants on properties with ADUs handle mail?
32:06​ How are utilities managed on properties with ADUs?
33:44​ Horror story of lot split plus ADUs
42:34​ What is liquefaction? Mistakes that cost so much extra money when building ADUs.
46:51​ What is upzoning? Why is this such a huge opportunity for real estate investors?
49:12​ How are properties with ADUs appraised?
52:21​ Investing in hoarder homes