Magic, mind reading and the art of determination

With Tracy

06-01-2021 • 36 mins

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There’s magic in the air on this podcast as I talk to Magician and Mind Reader Chris Wall.  Since the age of 10, after watching his first magic show, in his words ‘I immediately knew I wanted to amaze my own audience’.  This kick-started years of learning the art of magic and then just as he had mastered that he decided to add mind-reading to his repertoire.  But turning this kind of dream into a money making business has it’s challenges – reading minds does not equip you to see the future, and suddenly COVID-19 struck just as he was getting up and running.  But like so many he was determined to survive and online was the only option – YES magic and mind-reading over zoom.  Listen to Chris’s story so far and how he is ‘amazing’ his own audiences.

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