Journalist, lecturer, author – lessons learned and what’s next?

With Tracy

12-07-2021 • 34 mins

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Talk about storytelling! In this episode I meet a storytelling guru who shares her wonderful colourful story that spans her career, life and future plans.  Now in her 60’s my guest Adrienne Rosen tells us in a witty, informative and warm way how she started out - from doing ‘indentures’ (yes, I know what are those?), facing the challenges of short-hand, to writing a novel, interviewing Poet Laureate Ted Hughes to being kissed by Tom Cruise.

Her journey also took her into the world of business, but the temptation of shopping and the call to write a novel were too strong. Intelligent, funny and open Adrienne chats about all this along with trying to find the courage to publish her novel and finding love.  One episode not to be missed.

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