Scientist turned beauty pioneer

With Tracy

14-12-2020 • 29 mins

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This episode takes us to Canada and a peek into the business journey of female scientist and entrepreneur Raquela Cheemond, owner and creator of Étymologie Skin Care.

Combining science with an in-depth knowledge of botanical ingredients and a passion for sustainability this young woman decided she wanted to make a difference by creating products that were not only great for the skin but also kind to the planet.
She says: “As a scientist I’m passionate about using research to create effective products made up of ingredients that do not irritate the skin and are safe for the environment. I named the brand ÉTYMOLOGIE because in the same way you can trace the etymology of a word back to its origin, we can trace our products back to the fields, orchards and laboratories who helped create them.

Not often you meet someone who really knows what they are talking about but she won’t bamboozle you with science.  Take a listen and find out more.

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