27-09-2019 • 1 hr

BRP 185 - SIDES Sides lets his emotive music selection convey his personality. He is a Cape Town based producer who is known for his deep and hypnotic performances. His signature sound can be described as melodic, progressive, electronica infused house music. Sides and his love for music goes beyond his preferred genre and can be traced back to his childhood. He frequently explores a multitude of genres regardless of tempo, sound and style. He’s exploration and passion has taken him across SA and international scenes. "Being consistent in my sound and always having a positive attitude has become constant driver for me... I enjoy immersing myself in the music when I perform”. Following multiple releases on labels such as Traum Schalplatten, Songspire Records, Ambious Records, Tommy Boy Entertainment and more. Sides has gained support from world renowned artists like Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Enamour, Gabriel Ananda, D-nox, Frankey & Sandrino. Sides’ live set continues to set him apart, incorporating analog gear with with 100% original material from his own studio. This creates a unique energy in the DJ booth and allows the audience to connect with the music immediately. Sides is now gearing up for his first European tour which includes shows in Budapest and Utrecht. Connect with Sides Tracklist -  1. Brian Cid - Symbiosis (Original Mix) [Lost & Found] 2. TH;EN - Riemu (Sonic Union & Bastards Of Funk Remix) [Mango Alley] 3. Eli Nissan - Arpu (Orignal Mix) [Lost & Found] 4. Cid Inc - Forgotten (Original Mix) [Balance] 4. Talul - Jido (Original Mix) [Dunkelheit} 5. Guy Mantzur, Khen - Where Is Home (Original Mix) [Bedrock] 7. Dynacom - Night Witcher (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) [Yang] 8. Zagitar - Assemble (Martin Tanner Nocturnal Remix) [True Sounds] 9. Tash & Starkato - SQR (Wally Lopez Remix [Movement Recordings] 10. Sides - Truth Before Love [Unreleased]