Behind the Mix: Crafting 'By the Brook' 🎡 | Tebo’s Studio Insights


05-10-2023 β€’ 32 mins

🎡 New Tebovision Vlog Episode 🎡 Join me, Paul Tebo, in this heartfelt episode of #Tebovision where music, friendship, and creative pursuits come together in a symphony of experiences! πŸ‘‰ 00:15 | Tip Bucket Love 🎸 Witness the true power of friendship and the unexpected charm of a homemade tip bucket during my downtown gig. Friendships like these are timeless and invaluable! πŸŽ™ 01:45 | Project Studio Dreams πŸ›  Step into my evolving project studio, a space that has become a sanctuary filled not just with instruments and gear, but with immensely talented beings creating magic through music. πŸ”₯ 04:00 | Visionaries 6-Piece Rehearsal 🎹 Get a sneak peek into a rehearsal with my phenomenal 6-piece band, including our newest wizard, Henry Cobb, enchanting us with his Fender Rhodes piano. πŸŽ₯ 05:48 | Designing Studio for Live Streams πŸ’‘ Glimpse my plans to transform the project studio into a live-streaming haven to bring my music right to your screens every Wednesday. 🎻 09:22 | Recording Ram Ko Violin 🎀 Dive behind the scenes with the remarkable Ram Ko as she lays down violin and backup vocals for my latest original, 'By the Brook.' 🎚 11:08 | Exploring Ableton's User Library πŸŽ› Learn how Ableton Live’s User Library becomes a playground for sharing and exploring new musical possibilities across various projects. πŸ’‘ 13:17 | Ghost Reverb Plugin Method πŸ‘» Gain insights into my new technique that offers nuanced control over the reverb effects, sculpting the ethereal sounds of β€˜ghostly’ instruments. 🎼 16:40 | Prioritizing Recording Tasks πŸ—“ Understand how I manage a tight schedule and juggle various tasks, ensuring that creativity never compromises quality. 🎚 17:18 | Mixing Ghost Choir 🎢 Witness the ethereal elements coming together as the ghost choir for 'By the Brook' gets mixed in Ableton. πŸ”„ 21:55 | Postponing for Perfection πŸ•° In a world that often rushes, I talk about the importance of taking an extra day to ensure I release nothing but the absolute best. πŸ’« 22:48 | Premiere 6-Piece Show Success πŸŽ‰ Celebrate with me as my 6-piece band debuts to overwhelming success, a true dream realized and shared with all of you. 🎧 31:30 | Emotional Final Master 😭 Experience a vulnerable moment as I finalize the mix of 'By the Brook', ensuring it sounds stellar in every listening scenario, and then, it’s off to distribute via DistroKid. Join me on this rollercoaster of emotions, from the highs of successful live shows and impactful rehearsals to the genuine love from lifelong friends and the touching moments where music truly hits the soul. Let's continue this journey together, share your thoughts and experiences, and be sure to follow for more musical adventures every week! 🎡 Hear the final mix of 'By the Brook' on Spotify: πŸ‘‰ See the Official Lyric Video on YouTube: πŸ”” Follow to stay updated on my musical journey!