6 - The Power of Branding and Emotional Connection in ECommerce with e-com BOSS' Tina Striker

Coffee with Sellers

01-12-2023 • 25 mins

Your host, Mike Bryan, talks with the Founder of e-com BOSS, Tina Striker. Eight years ago, Tina and her husband embarked on their e-commerce journey. Their first product, a mini bike pump, faced initial challenges. However, they found success with a different product they discovered in Slovenia. Tina emphasized the importance of persistence in overcoming obstacles, including FDA regulations when trying to expand their business to the US.

The product that really took off for Tina and her husband was one that addressed specific customer pain points. They now have over 100 different variations of this product, constantly improving it based on customer feedback. Tina stressed the importance of understanding your customers and differentiating your product from others in the market.

When it comes to sourcing, Tina mentioned that they work with suppliers in both Europe and China. While sourcing from Slovenia is more expensive, they still collaborate with their Slovenian supplier for certain products. They also work with Chinese suppliers for cost-effective options. It took time to get the Chinese suppliers on board with their quality standards, but they eventually achieved the desired outcome.

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